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Boules Quies ®

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What are Boules Quies?

Boules Quies are disposible protective earplugs made of natural wax.


In order to optimize the efficiency of your earplug, we would like to give you the following advice:

  • Remove the cotton surround, then mold and warm up the ear plug between the fingers, ensuring that your hands are perfectly clean.
  • Rolling between the fingers, alter the shape of the entire earplug to suit the size and shape of your auditory canal.
  • Lightly insert the earplug in the ear. Pull the auricle back to release any air inside the auditory canal, in order to avoid buzzing noises in the ears.
    Quies earplugs will offer you constant protection against noise, water, and dust pollution.
  • Nominal size: 14


  • It is essential to follow the instructions for use carefully.
  • For health reasons, it is essential to wear the earplug constantly in noisy environments.
  • We recommended you keep your Quies earplugs in their box prior to use and store them in a dry place below 25 degrees celcius.
  • Quies earplugs are subjected to rigorous quality control tests and are hypoallergenic.
  • Contact with liquids / chemicals should be avoided except with the advice of the manufacturer.


For optimum performance, please comply with the above recommendations for use.

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